New Vogue App Pairs Lagerfeld Quotes and Dressing for the Weather

Vogue Today lead image

Vogue TodayWith quotable quotables and weather-related recommended dressing in one place, British Vogue‘s new app, Vogue Today, is an easy daily visit for advice and for fun.  Unlike American Vogue, which only offers an iPad app, the tablet subscription version of itself, the magazine’s British counterpart offers a few different mobile entities.  (Vogue Today isn’t to be confused with Vogue Daily News, published in a partnership with Net-a-Porter.)


Vogue Today, which launched, well, today, is a combination of iPhone-ready snippets of fashion, including an outfit recommended for the day’s weather, a quote from a notable member of the fashion industry, a daily look from a cast of generally stylish women (Mira Duma, Harley Viera-Newton, et al.), and one must-buy item.

Go deeper into the app’s archives by perusing the offerings from days gone by.  Along with a “Today in History” feature, which features a historical anecdote that’s less in the category of the Normandy invasion and more along the lines of, say, that time Agyness Deyn chopped her hair in a new way, the app is very Vogue, distilled.

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