Lucky Brand Returns to Its Musical Roots with “Live From the Artists Den”


On July 4, PBS will debut the sixth season of Live From the Artists Den.  The music television series features popular recording artists and bands playing to small audiences in non-traditional venues.  One of the show’s partners this season is Lucky Brand, the sole fashion label among the companies who support the show (others include Citi, Seventh Generation, Lumia, Nokia, and Southwest Airlines).

Lucky Brand, which has a history of supporting musicianship and emerging recording artists, is thrilled to partner with PBS’s unique music series.  Here’s a preview of what’s coming up this season:

The three-time New York Emmy®-nominated show is recorded throughout North America and broadcast internationally in Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, and throughout Latin America.  The sixth season will kick off with a performance by Mumford & Sons, and go on to feature bands like the National, Imagine Dragons, the Killers, and Soundgarden.

To learn more about Live From the Artists Den, and to check out Lucky Brand’s sneak peak at Season 6, check out Style Director Karin Cole’s recap from a live recording of one of the upcoming shows!