Live Your Best Lean Fashion Life Through Cuyana


With summer comes the sense that it’s time to pair down, so as we cast about for cover-ups and warm weather hats, Cuyana caught our eye.  The online start-up with a quality-over-quantity approach to fashion offers the chance to clean out your closet with every purchase you make.  Just add it to the list of new, improved ways to buy fashion fairly.

Each season, Cuyana spotlights different countries to produce a limited-edition line of clothes and accessories that, ideally, you’ll keep for a lifetime.  Right now they’re offering cover-ups, tunics, and hats from Ecuador, leather goods, perfect for summer travel, from Argentina, and robes and towels from Turkey.  Cuyana sources skilled craftsmen from around the globe to make all their high-quality goods, which means that even though the site isn’t a source for buying locally, it’s ideal for buying fairly.

Cuyana hat

The best part, though, and Cuyana’s most unusual angle, is that with every order they send buyers a reusable bag and return postage.  You fill up the bag with whatever clothing you don’t want, mail it back to the company, and they donate the cast-offs to a range of nonprofit groups.  They call it the Lean Closet Movement.  Not only is the service free, but donors receive store credit for sending in their old clothing.  Investors believe in the idea — Cuyana just raised $1.7 million.

If you’re not moved yet, last but not least, check out the start-up’s blog. Featuring off-the-cuff seeming shots of their latest wares, it’s beautiful, branded sartorial inspiration at its best.