Lily Cole, Fashion’s Most Philanthropic Model, Launches Jewelry for the Amazon

Lily Cole for Sky Rainforest Rescue

Is Lily Cole fashion’s most philanthropic model?  While we patiently await the public launch of her do-gooder social network,, Cole launched a jewelry line to benefit Sky Rainforest Rescue, which works with the World Wildlife Foundation to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Wild Rubber CollectionThe rings, pendants, and earrings are all crafted from natural rubber sustainably sourced from the Amazon.  The idea, Cole explains via Sky Rainforest Resuce, is that “if in the future the value of wild rubber can exceed what can be made from products that cause deforestation, then there is the real potential for a sustainable green economy.”  So Cole is working with rubber tappers in the region to create a viable trade, both for them and for the environment.  Ultimately, if products using rubber were to turn back to natural sources — like the Amazon — as opposed to synthetics, it would provide a less harmful line of employment for the region’s denizens (you know, like slash-and-burn farming).

The natural rubber isn’t even that expensive — the pieces in Cole’s line range from $15 to $40, which might explain why they’re already completely sold out, despite the fact that the collection just went on sale exclusively at Stylistpick today.   However, Cole’s mission sounds like it’s in expansion mode, so hopefully the model/philanthropist has another visit to the Amazon’s rubber tappers planned soon.

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