G-Star Raw and Leica Partner On a Twenties-Style Camera

G-Star Raw Edition D-Lux 6 Leica Camera

Remember about two months ago, when it seemed like every retailer was trying to re-create the Jazz Age?   While its look is far from anything that seems like it would show up at a Gatsby party, the latest item from Dutch brand G-Star Raw is another reminder of fashion’s current Twenties craze.

The streetwear retailer partnered with Leica, the iconic German camera maker, to create a new design that looks like a Leica model from 1925.  The D-Lux 6 camera has a few modern updates, like the ability to capture HD video, but its black honeycomb design and brown leather case, however, are both straight out of a bygone era.  The camera is the latest in G-Star’s “Crossover” collaboration series, which in the past has included a ferry, a Land Rover, and a Cannondale bike, among other heavy-duty and utilitarian items.

The limited-edition D-Lux 6 goes on sale today.  At $1150, this one’s not to be left on the airplane.

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