Consumers Open to Experiential Marketing As It Gets Better

Burberry Regent Street

It’s a familiar trope at this point — as brands continue to market themselves on a more personal level, they tear down the curtain between their stores/image and their consumers.  It’s a successful marketing tale these days, because the increased familiarity breeds relevance.  While the bridging of offline and online worlds is key to quality experiential marketing, and thus much-discussed, it’s easy to forget that the process runs on choice.

Brands who make the most of social, local, and mobile integration are the ones who can get consumers to say “yes.”  Whether it’s getting them to watch a branded video or just hit “like” on a Facebook post, brands have more success by being increasingly interactive across digital and real-world platforms.  Crossover is tremendously helpful, whether in the form of, for instance, Kate Spade Saturday’s touchscreen-activated, shoppable storefronts or Burberry’s iPad-equipped, cashwrap-free London flagship.  Each of these initiatives reaches out to customers in real life, while efficiently bringing them over to the company’s online presence.

In tandem with getting customers to interact back is the information-sharing factor.  Higher quality brand interaction has made the public less wary about giving up their details — instead of, say, refusing to sign up for email lists to evade an avalanche of spam, consumers are now more inclined to share contact information because brands have gotten better at using this wisely.  Incremental data collection leaves consumers feeling comfortable while letting labels target their marketing efforts to provide offers and experiences that their customers actually care about.  Again, because brands are serving up something relevant, it’s easier to get the audience to pay quality attention to what they’re selling.

As experiential marketing keeps getting better, its masters are mindful of both creating and responding to cultural events.  The new marketing experience is in the moment, it’s online and offline concomitantly, it seamlessly bridges social, mobile, and real world interactions, and most important, it gets consumers to say “yes.”



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