TOMS Shoes and Ben Affleck Collaborate for Congo


TOMS is taking its altruistic, one-for-one (buy a pair, they give a pair) model a step further through an upcoming collaboration with the Eastern Congo Initiative.  The ECI, founded by Ben Affleck in 2010, provides aid, advocacy, and community-building in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A special edition of men’s and women’s shoes, with details inspired by Congolese textiles, will benefit the region both financially and through the standard TOMS one-for-one model.  Shoes will be distributed to school children in Congo through community-based organizations in the country, while about $4 from every pair will also help fund ECI’s youth and family-oriented programming.

Need new summer flats?  Why not go for a pair approved by Ben Affleck — the limited edition TOMS collection for the Eastern Congo Initiative launches on June 6th.

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