Our 5 Favorite Digital Things This Week

Rallye 24

1.  Hermès launched an online racing game, Rallye 24, that’s set among an obstacle course of the brand’s kitchenware.  Users race speedsters designed to look like fruits and vegetables to a charming throwback video game soundtrack.

2.  With the help of a start-up called 52Grams, Instagram is becoming increasingly shoppable.

Digital things of the week

3.  Mango launched an online magazine.  Key outfits, fashion editorials, blogger interviews, New York street fashion…we’ll read it (and shop it).

4.  Just a confirmation that it’s okay that your Pinterest boards are engulfed in recipes, gardening tips, fashion, and animals.  A marketing study confirmed this week that the brands with the best feedback on the social network are exactly those embracing and offering all things typically feminine.

Gucci's Myspace page

5.  We thought Myspace was dead and mostly forgotten, too, but Gucci went ahead and made a Myspace page.  From what we can tell, it’s not ironic whatsoever.  If you haven’t deleted your account, you might want to connect to them.