National Consumers League Launches “10 Cents” Facebook Campaign for Bangladesh

NCL 10 Cents Facebook Campaign

We’re liking this and we hope you will, too.  The National Consumers League, which has promoted both consumers’ and workers’ rights since its founding in 1899, is now trying to effect change in Bangladesh, through consumers here at home, with a  “10 Cents” social media campaign.

The Worker Rights Consortium did the math, and figured out that if every one of the 7 billion garments exported per year from Bangladesh cost an extra 10 cents, that tiny addition could fund all of the costs for necessary factory improvements.  It’s estimated that rebuilding factories and installing safety equipment in Bangladesh will cost about $6 billion altogether.  Spreading it out over five years, that’s $600 million each year, hence the 10 cent tariff on those 7 billion garments…you get the picture.

What’s problematic here, and we’re not going to name names, are the mostly American companies who won’t sign a binding agreement to uphold and improve worker safety in the region.  They really don’t think their consumers are willing to pay the tiny cost that would be passed on to them.  The NCL, therefore, is using social media to try to prove that, yes, everyone can afford, and is willing, to pay an extra ten cents to benefit the person, or people, who made the clothes they’re buying.

All you have to do is sign and be willing to fork out the extra 10 cents per garment (if you even notice it) the next time you’re laying in that seasonal supply of fast fashion.