In Fashion, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom, and All Things Feminine are Winning Pinterest


While retailers struggle to figure out how to curate and monetize user-generated content on Pinterest featuring their brands, their own accounts, at least, are thriving.  It’s de rigueur for labels to provide inspiration (and aspiration) to consumers via pinboards, whether they’re showcasing photography, their own products, or simply good things elsewhere.   But who’s doing it really well?

The social media measurement company Unmetric studied 5,000 branded pinboards in March of this year to find out who was generating the highest levels of user engagement, in the form of likes, comments, and repins, plus sheer number of followers.  The secret to success seems to lie in offering all the stereotypical content for which Pinterest has fast became known as a clearinghouse.  Animals, gardening, weddings, weddings in gardens, recipes — Unmetric found that brands offering this content have by far the most robust user engagement on the social network.

Of the winners, several came from fashion and retail.  L.L. Bean’s most popular board, which actually won the category for the highest number of followers, within branded content, is called Woodland Creatures.  It features what the name implies (and for what it’s worth, it’s really, really cute.  4,689,706 followers agree).

Swarovski, meanwhile, came in first in the “most likes” category, for a board titled Wedded Bliss (160,120 likes and counting).  Nordstrom scored well across a couple categories for a Garden Wedding Ideas board, which came in third for having the most followers (4,199,549) and fourth in “most likes” (84,565).  Rounding out the fashion and retail pack, interestingly, is Etsy, whose Yum! Recipes to Share board came in fifth of branded content boards with the most repins, at 249,195.

Though Pinterest might take flack for being stereotypically girly, being girly is what it’s good at.  So take note, retailers: for winning an engaged audience, animals, weddings, and food seem to be the golden tickets.