Create Custom Rings With Shapeways’ New 3D Printing App

Shapeways 3D ring printing

We’ve been curious about the 3D printing company Shapeways since they partnered with designer Kimberly Ovitz on an accessories collection, but what if the tech startup let you play designer?  As of today, it does.

A new app lets you upload a photo, or work from a blank, basic design, to create your own ring.  Once you’ve got the shape down, engrave it, change the size in any direction, and choose from a range of materials (anything from hot pink plastic to gold plate, all priced accordingly).

Shapeways ring app

The app saves previous creators’ black-and-white patterns, so you can use those as templates, too.  The sizing and material-picking are streamlined and easy; playing with the patterns to get the exact shape you want is a little harder.  We’re sure they’ll iron out the kinks over time.

Meanwhile, the results are really reasonably priced for a custom operation — some of the synthetic materials are under $5, while our wider experiments in premium silver bands still didn’t go higher than $75.



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