Condé Nast Continues Steamrolling Into Online TV With Vogue

Vogue lead image

Condé Nast launched standalone online channels for two of its titles, Glamour and GQ, two months ago, with the rest of the pack now making its way into the digital video sphere.  The publisher announced this week that Vogue is next, with a video channel slated to launch on May 8.

The channel will feature content like “Vintage Bowles,” starring Vogue‘s own Hamish Bowles, International Editor at Large, and “The Fund,” about the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund competition.  (If the competition already exists, why not make it into a reality show, of sorts?)  After Vogue comes Wired, which gets its own channel on May 15.  No dates have been announced, but Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair are up after that.  Curiously, and Epicurious will also be getting freestanding channels  — since they’re Web-based to begin with, we’re interested to see what Condé Nast Entertainment has planned for them in terms of new, totally separate, video-focused content.

At any rate, in fashion’s rush to catch up to and exceed progress in the digital realm, Condé’s got a pretty good thing going.  We’re looking forward to the Vogue show starring the quirky (but styling) Hamish Bowles!