Chinese Luxury Continues Its Westward March

Shang Xia

We’ve been waiting for this move — as Chinese luxury goods expand domestically, they’re also moving westward.  Bosideng, the men’s luxury brand specializing in outerwear, re-branded for the British market and opened a terribly expensive London flagship.  Now they’re planning to take the British line and offer it back in China.

Others are on their way.  Hermès’ Chinese subsidiary, Shang Xia, is opening its first Western boutique, in Paris, across from its parent brand’s store.  (The label offers luxury housewares and women’s clothing.)  Alison Yeung’s upscale footwear line, Mary Ching, offers women’s shoes around a $500 price point, and makes a point to advertise that they’re completely made in China.  Yeung has stores in Moscow and Palm Beach as well as all around China.  Meanwhile, Exception de Mixmind’s designer Ma Ke has presented the line during Paris’s haute couture shows.  And other Chinese brands are making headway into Western e-commerce venues.

None of this would be possible were it not for the increasing cachet of  the “Made in China” label.  As the association moves farther away from cheap, mass produced goods, Chinese luxury brands will further grow their European — and hopefully U.S. — presences.  At this point, high-end homegrown brands with international reach seem to mostly crop up in Europe.  We’re on the lookout for which of the country’s expanding luxury labels will open in New York first.

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