Beyond Factory Safety, Jeanologia Brings Better Practices to Bangladesh


Jeanologia, a Spanish company which specializes in ecologically sound equipment and technology for finishing denim, is taking its methods to Bangladesh.  The company is opening a demonstration center in Dhaka, where it’ll offer free seminars demonstrating how its equipment and software use lasers instead of sandblasting (which is dangerous for garment workers) and ozone for fading denim, rather than water and chemicals (which are wasteful and pollute).

The idea is to offer local workers and factory owners safer alternatives to current practices, and practical, hands-on lessons in how to apply them.

Brands with whom Jeanologia already indirectly works (their clothes are produced in Jeanologia-equipped Bangladesh factories) include global names like H&M, Levi’s, Gap, Zara, Marks & Spencer, and Uniqlo.    Twenty out of Bangladesh’s 4,000 total garment factories are currently equipped with Jeanologia’s technology; after their demonstration center opens in September, that number should increase.  While the plan to open such a center has been in the works for over a year, Jeanologia fast-tracked it after the recent tragedies in the region.