52Grams: Making Instagram Shoppable


Bridging the gap between bloggers, their social media outlets, and shoppable online style inspiration is 52Grams — a start-up predicated on offering easy-to-shop Instagram lookbooks.

Pinterest gets most of the attention for being highly visual, sartorially inspiring, and yet frustratingly difficult as a channel to buy what you see.  On a picture-by-picture basis, Instagram presents about the same problem.  52Grams sets out to solve this problem by offering a platform for brands and bloggers that renders their Instagram feeds much easier to buy from.

For retailers and “style influencers,” aka bloggers, 52Grams extends a general invitation to host their Instagram feeds.  Participants can tag their photos with e-commerce sources for what they’re wearing, converting those feeds into shoppable lookbooks.  For the general audience, just log into 52Grams through your Instagram account, collect your favorite styles in “stacks,” share them with friends, and most importantly, discover where all those looks you like actually came from in the first place.

Instagram: it’s being smartly leveraged for e-commerce before the outcry about how it doesn’t work for e-commerce can even get that loud.