Where to Find an Alternative Approach to Fashion Online

Fashion's back end lead image

Look, you can basically livestream all of Fashion Week and go online to see any magazine’s current fashion editorials. But what about the process of the actual shoots, the people behind them, the go-sees, the make-up and hair? At this point, we’re more curious about where to get a good look at the industry’s back end, because the consumer-facing side has been done to death. To that end, here’s where to witness shoots being put together, the styling process, and what really goes into a go-see…because we all know America’s Next Top Model isn’t real.

The Style Ouija: The Style Ouija is brand new, so its content is still fairly sparse. The plan, though, is to offer up shoppable content in the form of stylish interviews, advice, beauty tips, and models featured from their go-sees.  This insider look at the fashion industry is presented by Emily Barnes, a stylist, and makeup artist Daniel Martin.

Le Book: Technically an all-encompassing trade publication for the beauty, design, entertainment, publishing, advertising, and fashion industries, a visit to Le Book’s Web site is an effective way to get a sense of who’s doing what when it comes to shooting, styling, and making up various fashion shoots and ad campaigns. You can also access an incredible array of creatives’ portfolios.

Industrie: Possibly the most meta site of this group.  Industrie is about the culture of fashion: want to see a photo of Diane Von Furstenberg with acupuncture needles sticking out of her face? Here’s your chance!  The general ethos comprises an eclectic, stylish mix of interviews with designers, editors, and models, behind-the-scenes looks at various photo shoots, old fashion photos, and anything else that seems insider-y and interesting.

FashionTV: As the name would imply, expect lots of fashionable backstage videos from fashion weeks around the world. They’re not snobs — they cover more than just the main four — New York, Milan, London, Paris — so you can see what’s happening behind-the-scenes at say, Australia Fashion Week, Sao Paulo, and men’s Fashion Week.