Model Lily Cole is Launching a Do-Gooder Social Network

Lily Cole

The supermodel Lily Cole had been spotted hanging around with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, but maybe just to glean professional advice.  Cole is launching a social network,, predicated on users connecting to one another via altruistic acts.

The idea is to create an alternative economy through the gifting of skills and services, no reciprocation necessary (or expected).  Cole was inspired to create the site after visiting a refugee camp on the border of Thailand and Burma, and has backing from Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales.  The site is being tested in a closed beta system for students at Oxford and Cambridge (Cole’s alma mater) and will launch publicly in a few months.

Cole’s not the first model to wind down her runway career with a project doing a lot more good for the world than, say, a one-off fashion collaboration.  Her effort puts her in a group with Coco Rocha and Sarah Ziff, founders of the Model Alliance, which promotes better working conditions for models, and Yomi Abiola, who created Stand Up For Fashion to improve conditions for all manner of industry workers and promote a better image for fashion on the whole.  To offer your skills and services through Cole’s new endeavor, head to and sign up for the launch.