Friday Digital Fix: #OOTD, the Outfit of the Day App


Because if anything’s just waiting to be game-ified, it’s a self-proclaimed “outfit of the day.” The team behind one of our favorite online fashion crowd-sourcing resources, Go Try It On, just launched a (free!) app that lets you see, rank, and vote on myriad actual outfits of the day, culled from the Instagram hashtag #ootd.

Outfit of the Day app#OOTD shows a daily selection of photos, inviting you to vote for your favorites, along with those you deem unworthy of the #ootd label (who said fashion wasn’t catty??).  The more you vote, the more points you get, which you can “spend” on your favorite images, in order to help them win.  A new daily winner is announced every evening at midnight.

Besides scoring outfits, the concept behind the app was to cull some of Instagram’s best fashion to provide general sartorial inspiration, usefully compiled in one place.  And you get a heaping dose of it — the app makes scrolling through both the current outfit of the day candidates and past winners kind of addicting.  There’s even a “shop the look” aspect — click it to send an email to Go Try It On’s team and they’ll respond with available options similar to what’s featured in the photo.

It’s like reality TV for mobile content — instead of creating a game based on fiction, #OOTD is fashion gaming based on totally replicable, inspiring reality.