Your Fashion is Making You Trackable Via Google Glass

In conjunction with a new app, InSight, Google Glass technology can now recognize you even with your back turned.  The app is designed such that the glasses, with a 93% rate of accuracy, are able to identify people based on their clothing and movements. Of course, as soon as you change outfits, the app needs to be re-programmed.

What it does is take a series of snapshots of the Google Glass wearer’s targets (aka people), creating an overall digital “fingerprint” comprised of their clothing’s colors, patterns, and textures, along with recording a general sense of their movements.

Where could this be applicable in real life?  It’d help parents keep track of their kids at the county fair.  It would also make it easier to track down alleged criminals, at least before they changed their clothes.

Google Glass made its runway debut during Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2013 show last September, and now it’s being adapted for clothing recognition purposes.  For Google Glass, it’s all about the fashion, isn’t it?