Your Ethical Design Update: Voz, Honest By, and Pact


Every so often, we like to do a spot check to see what’s new in the realm of sustainable fashion that’s actually fashionable.  The last round brought us Industry of All Nations and IOU Project, among others. In this round, we look at brands that both ethically source their materials and are working toward some kind of positive social change.  Herewith, three sustainable brands that are either newly launched or growing by leaps and bounds.

Voz:  Launched this year, Voz employs Mapuche weavers from southern Chile to create its contemporary line inspired by traditional crafts.  Artisans and designers work together in collaborative workshops to create the final looks, with the artisans (who are mostly women weavers) receiving named credit on the pieces and substantive royalties.

Pact: Yes, you can buy your socks and underwear sustainably (this goes for guys, too).  Besides sourcing organic cotton, working with wind-powered factories, and eschewing sweatshops, Pact also works with different nonprofits every season on some kind of positive social project.  This spring, they’re partnering with the Whole Kids Foundation to implement sustainable urban gardens around the country.

Honest By:  Voz offers high-quality, unusual knitwear for women, and Pact takes care of both men’s and women’s underthings, but Honest By offers luxury wear for both men and women that’s ready to compete with any conventional brand at Fashion Week.  Launched a year ago by Bruno Pieters, the brand seeks to have as little environmental impact as possible while also making its entire production process completely transparent for consumers, right down to the retail mark-up.