Stella McCartney Made a Bag From Her Own Sheep’s Wool

Stella McCartney Itsy Bitsy bag

We’re used to Stella McCartney leading the way in vegan production that marries luxury wear with an animal-friendly ethos.  That said, her latest non-vegan design is as sweet — and sustainable — as they come.  McCartney made a bag out of wool shorn from her own flock of organically-raised sheep.  (She keeps a farm in England’s Cotswolds.)  Two of the sheep’s names, for whom the bag is titled, are Itsy and Bitsy, in case you were wondering.

This is pretty great, no?  Four-star restaurants that till their own gardens have been around for years, so why wouldn’t society’s next logical step entail a luxury designer who raises the animals for her own textiles?  Now if only Rick Owens would start a cattle ranch and tannery…