High-Tech Cold Weather Gear Will Gauge Arctic Worker Conditions

ColdWear by Sintef

Forget those Adidas-Google Glass sneakers in the works, the ones that merely tell an average wearer to get moving.  Norwegian scientists are well on their way to developing a cold weather line of gear designed to respond to the wearer and the environment. Oh, and when they say “cold,” they mean the Arctic.

The appropriately named ColdWear, a project from SINTEF, which is a research organization, not a fashion company, aims to address three main issues: how to make clothing that can maintain a comfortable temperature in a harsh climate, monitor and report on a wearer’s vital signs, and keep track of/send warnings about surrounding weather conditions.

The plan is to integrate sensors into the clothing, tracking temperature, humidity, wind, and heat, subsequently improving the comfort, safety, and performance of the wearers.  Integrated electronics will be able to alert their wearer, or another contact, of fatigue or dangerous outside conditions.  The clothing can communicate via Bluetooth, smartphones, and a mobile network.  At this point in time, the gear is being designed for workers, for instance, on Arctic oil rigs, but similarly equipped athletic gear and uniforms are on the way.

Smart clothing sure is getting smarter.  ColdWear really blows the cell phone charging bikini right out of the water, doesn’t it?