From Sneakers to Google Glass, SXSW Reveals Niche Fashion Boom

Sneakers to Google Glass new lead image

As fashion becomes increasingly connected to the digital sphere, the industry’s presence grows at tech-fest South by Southwest. But what were some of the conclusions from the techies on hand?  As it happened, representatives from the more digitally-oriented side of the divide had advice and predictions for the fashion industry:

  • With the founders of MakerBot Industries and Shapeways there to speak, 3D printing got plenty of airtime.  One important facet of the industry that was revealed is that as the technology advances, design and production are becoming increasingly intertwined.
  • Also on the topic of 3D printing, the general consensus was that while fabric production, as in 3D-created clothing, isn’t quite ready for consumers yet, it inevitably will be soon.  In conjunction with the idea that the producers are becoming the designers, it’ll be worth seeing the impact this has on fashion overall.

Adidas and Google Glass will get you moving in the near future through the talking encouragement of your sneakers.

  • Google Glass and Adidas are taking the trend toward networked objects (referred to occasionally as the “Internet of Things”) to a productive place with talking sneakers that encourage their wearers to move by connecting to their smartphones.  These are still in concept form, unfortunately.  If they launch successfully, however, expect to see more clothing that interacts with you, the wearer, on the way.