Friday Digital Fix: Va Bien, Underpinning Attendant

Va Bien iPad app new lead image

Now here’s a prime example of a proprietary app successfully bridging e-commerce: the lingerie brand Va Bien’s Underpinning Attendant for the iPad.  The app, which is very pretty and very French, is designed to help users find appropriate underthings to go with hard-to-match silhouettes and formal wear.

Enter your sizes, desired color, (nude, black, cream or white), and note if the dress you’re wearing is sheer.  Choose from four popular silhouettes: strapless, halter, low plunge, and low back, and address any slimming concerns.  The app will recommend available underpinnings that fit the criteria selected.

Yes, it’s a means of getting you to the brand’s own product, but like, say, the Hunter Boots adventure app preceding it, it’s also an independently useful tool (if fairly specific).  Retailers across the board are stepping up their mobile offerings; Va Bien’s app exemplifies the right direction to take the effort — while shoppers use their phones/tablets more and more to make purchases, they don’t necessarily want to download an app that’s purely commerce-based.  It needs to be either a relevant tool or a means of entertainment.

And in this particular case, now that Spanx are ubiquitous, you shouldn’t even be embarrassed to have Va Bien’s decidedly more luxe go-to on your iPad.