Danger: Chirpify Makes it too Easy to One-Step Social Media Shop

CHirpify new lead image

We first became aware of Chirpify when House of Holland, of all labels, introduced the start-up’s “Buy” tool on its Twitter and Instagram feeds.  Followers of the progressive British brand were able to respond “buy” to posts featuring the brand’s looks in order to, well, buy the item featured.

For the process to work, those followers need to have Chirpify accounts, where their payment information is stored for easy, one-step purchasing.  The platform works on Facebook posts, in addition to tweets and Instagram images.  Other retailers on board with the program so far include Adidas and Sorel, and Chirpify is getting into the music business by working with independent artists, along with the likes of Keith Richards.  As it catches on, the start-up might have found the secret to making in-stream social network purchasing commonplace in both mobile and traditional e-commerce venues.

Sorel followers who are Chirpify members could enter this giveaway in a matter of seconds by responding “gimme” to the post.

By the way, words that will also let Chirpify users make an in-stream acquisition?  These include the less dignified “gimme” (for entering brand giveaways) or our favorite option, the more enlightened “donate,” which comes into play when organizations use Chirpify for fundraising rather than selling.

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