Condé Nast Launches Online Video Channels for Glamour and GQ

Glamour’s videos include interviews with the actresses who are generally featured in print form.

After hiring the founder of the CW television network, Dawn Ostroff, over a year ago, Condé Nast launched standalone video channels for two of its titles this week.  Glamour and GQ now offer short original content in the form of web series and features springboarding off the magazines’ editorial features.  Coming on the heels of Condé’s announcement of its $20 million investment in e-commerce site farfetch, total Condé Nast cultural hegemony should be complete any day now.

One example of GQ’s tongue-in-cheek new content.

GQ‘s shows include interviews with the “girls of GQ,” like Candace Swanepoel and Brooklyn Decker, a series on car collectors, and a “Jogging With” series featuring notables of both sexes, like photographer/TV host Nigel Barker and the actress Melissa George.  Glamour, meanwhile, offers about what a reader of the magazine would expect, including “Elevator Makeover” (exactly what it sounds like), a “Why Do Guys…” series asking men on the street to answer why dudes do what they do (submit your questions over Twitter!), and various fashion content and interviews with the stars who typically pepper the magazine’s pages (Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Bieber).

Besides being offered online, the same content can be accessed via YouTube, on the titles’ respective pages.  And, as befits the way people consume their online videos now, both content channels are completely mobile friendly.