Tweet With Dita Von Teese Via That QR Code Sewn In Your Dress

Dita Von Teese dresses

We knew Dita Von Teese had launched her first, self-named clothing line, but somehow missed the news that she was sewing QR codes into the dress linings. The ten vintage-inspired separates debuted during the fall in Australia, and online in December.

Use these looks to clothe yourself and tweet with Von Teese simultaneously.

We suppose this is one way to stay connected to one’s consumers!  The clothing’s QR codes, when scanned, connect wearers to Von Teese’s Twitter account (she apparently updates her own feed).  With all the emphasis this year on omni-channel integration in fashion, does Von Teese’s initiative win?  After all, she’s gone and socially integrated the clothes themselves.

We can’t decide if this is nuts or amazing, but it’s definitely a first.  Most important, though — do you want to tweet with the designer of your clothing via the actual fabric on your body?

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