Threads by Shop It To Me is the Tailored Web's Next Generation


Don’t you just want the Internet to tell you, on a daily basis, exactly which brands you like are on sale, in your size, for how much, and where to buy them?   Shop It To Me’s latest venture, Threads, will do that for you.  An extension of their earlier Salemail feature, Threads strives to be the best online shopping personal assistant the Web has to offer.

Think of Threads as a website that actually wants to hang out with you.  Charlie Graham, Shop It To Me’s CEO and founder, puts it like this: “The e-commerce sites who will win [in 2013] won’t be the ones looking to get the quick one-time purchase, but the ones who invest in building a relationship with users — getting to know them, what they want, what they need — and understand them as the individuals they are.”  Hence, a fully customizable, personal feed representing everything, fashion-wise, that you could possibly want.

It’s an appealing approach — Shop It To Me (pre-Threads) was named one of Time‘s 50 Best Web Sites in 2012.

So, what can you do on Threads that’s different from Shop It To Me’s original Salemail?  Follow the categories you care about, divided by brand, trend (right now, think oxblood and winter whites), and price, all compiled into a daily-updated feed.  Enter your sizes, so you’ll only be offered clothing that’s relevant to you.  Save items in one place to come back to, later.  Threads works with about 150 retailers (and growing, of course) so you’ll be able to access pretty much whatever you’re searching for.

And, because the site just launched in November (and is officially still in beta), they’re growing.  On the horizon, Graham says, are expanded offerings like “non-sale merchandise, new categories, mobile [Ed. note: we're looking forward to this one!] and other innovative ways to better update our members when their favorite styles and items that match their preferences are newly available or marked down.”

Graham notes that “Shopping today is focused on optimizing the transaction. Flash sale sites, daily deals…are all focused on getting you to buy as quickly as possible.  Everywhere you look they are trying to get you to buy buy buy.”  Threads is different — it’s actually trying to cater to your long-term needs.

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