There's an Of-the-Month Club for Everything Now

Le Parcel

With monthly beauty subscription services tailored to men, to women of color, and to everyone — and online venues to get t-shirts, shoes, and dapper men’s kits delivered once every thirty days — how about a service that caters to something that represents an actual once-a-month need?  Yes, you know what we’re talking about.

Its name obfuscates its intention, but Le Parcel is that particular service.  The start-up delivers monthly installments of feminine hygiene products, with the idea that getting the box in the mail will prevent the need for emergency drugstore runs (and you can time your installments as needed).  The box also comes with chocolate.  So, sorry savory-cravers who don’t fit the cliché, you’re out of luck.

The service is $15 per month, which, frankly, we think is kind of steep.  On the other hand, that’s it.  The Internet officially offers everything now.