M-Commerce’s Next Step: It’s Time For Retailers To Get App-Savvy

M-commerce's next step

Much of the recent research into mobile commerce’s rise has revealed pretty intuitive findings.  Consumers make more actual purchases on tablets versus smartphones (55% as opposed to 28%).  Well, obviously — tablets are bigger and easier to browse.  And to that end, they likewise use the device more often for basic perusing (44% on tablets, 20% on smartphones).  What’s interesting is where apps for mobile sites play into this behavior.

While around half of retailers included some kind of mobile optimization strategy for 2013 in their responses to a poll by Forrester Research, this didn’t necessarily include creating or improving their mobile apps.  Apps, however, are catching up to regular mobile commerce, as shoppers express increased interest in buying this way.  After a couple years of looking at non-optimized mobile sites, the preference seems pretty logical.

Besides the automatically optimized content, consuming via an app is growing in popularity because it’s typically faster than browsing a mobile site.  Meanwhile, shoppers are also being enticed toward app usage with discounts — ways to save money were cited as the number one reason for current consumer interest in retailer apps — along with interactive content (lots of visuals) and geolocation services to find retailers’ actual stores.  As the push toward omni-channel integration continues, retailers need to catch on to the latest ways it’s progressing — and for 2013, proprietary retailer apps seems to be it.