Jean Paul Gaultier Co-Opts His Own Brand Reinvention

Jean Paul Gaultier Re-Editions

Heritage brands are being dug up and re-vamped by savvy investors, so why shouldn’t a designer take charge of re-inventing his own (recently fading) star?  Jean Paul Gaultier, long Paris’s best-known enfant terrible, is doing just that.

Besides launching a bigger ready-to-wear collection, beginning with pre-fall 2013, Gaultier is mining his own archives.  Though his forthcoming line will represent a lot of new work, fifteen or so looks are official re-editions, harkening back to his signature looks of a couple decades ago, including Neoprene, plastic (re-worked in high-gloss leather), and wide-leg pants.

To complete the picture, the designer’s even working again with his business partner from the 80′s and 90′s, Gibò SpA (Puig, the Barcelona-based fashion group, owns a majority stake in Gaultier’s business).  However, those decades are over, and Gaultier knows it — while he intends to target the U.S. with his new collection, the designer is looking to expand to China, India, and Russia.