Axe Body Spray and Buzz Aldrin Want to Send You Into Space

Axe Body Spray space contest

Via the Axe Apollo Space Academy, an online contest they’re running with Buzz Aldrin, Axe Body Spray is sending 22 lucky winners to the edge of space (and back).  Does that offer sound insane?  It’s legitimate — the deodorant spray company and the famed astronaut want to send you to the edge of space, about 62 miles from the Earth’s surface, on a Lynx space planes operated by Space Expedition Curacao (a space tourism company).

To enter, you have to make a written case for why you should be chosen to get flown into space.  The contest opened yesterday, and the deadline to enter is February 3.  The international contest is open to both men and women.

Well, there are promotional branding contests and then there are Promotional Branding Contests.  With the typical ticket for this kind of voyage set at $95,000, we might even enter.

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