United Bamboo Launches Owner-Cat Matching Outfits

United Bamboo Catclub

Here’s the Catclub version of United Bamboo’s peacoat ($89)…

Remember the United Bamboo calendar everyone flipped out about (in a good way) starting in 2010?  It featured the brand’s offbeat collection, but miniaturized and modeled by cats.  Yeah, cats.  The “Catclub” calendar proved so popular the company funded the 2013 version via Kickstarter (after a hiatus in 2012).

…and the human version, on the runway.

Well, with a slew of positive feedback, the label deemed it only sensible to offer the kitty clothes commercially. So now, just in time for Christmas, you and your favorite feline can don matching owner-pet outfits.  Button-downs, plaid jackets and skirts, tweed, neon parkas…it’s all there.

And if boutique cat clothes just aren’t special enough, keep in mind that United Bamboo didn’t produce an actual Catclub line.  What they’re selling are the models shown in the calendar, making every outfit one-of-a-kind.  Surely that’ll suit (ha, ha) even the snobbiest of feline fashionistas.