Your Next Manicure Will Be Inspired by TV Stars, Not Muppets

Deborah Lippmann Girls colors

Last year’s nail polish collaboration trend (what, that’s a thing) was pure whimsy, with OPI introducing limited edition colors inspired by the Muppets, and China Glaze offering a range based on The Hunger Games.  This years’ partnerships are more rooted in reality, playing off relate-able television shows.

Deborah Lippmann created four shades to correspond with each of the main characters on the HBO show Girls ($45 for all four, think hunter green for the quirky main character, Hannah, played by Lena Dunham, and baby pink for uptight Marnie, played by Allison Williams).  Meanwhile, Racked is reporting that OPI is at it again, only this time they’re basing a line of colors off all the characters (men included) on Modern Family.

How do you prefer your manicures?  Inspired by realistic fictional humans, muppets, tween sci-fi fiction…or something else entirely?  Surely by next Christmas there’ll be a new nail polish inspiration zeitgeist.