The 5 Latest and Greatest Gifting Apps

Toast iPhone app

Another holiday season, another round of iPhone (and iPad) gifting apps.  These five newbies will help you find and keep track of everyone else’s presents (of course) and let would-be gifters know what you hope to unwrap.  Have fun with the special features, like sending voice-recorded lists and gift cards on the cheap — no matter the way you prefer to interact with the Web, one of these apps will suit your holiday needs.

1. Toast:  The most social media-centric of the bunch, this app lets you share wishlists across online platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, text, and email.  You can also follow total strangers’ profiles to glean (steal) good gift ideas from them.

2. Giftster: This one’s best for a family or tightly-knit friend group trying to keep track of one another.  Create a group via the app to share wishlists, and mark or reserve gifts you’ve bought, or plan to pick up, to avoid repeats.  Giftster also manages to leave some of the surprise in gift-giving, since the app doesn’t allow you to see which items on your own list have been bought by someone else.

3.  Tell Santa Claus:  The name isn’t gratuitously cutesy — Tell Santa Claus is a good one to share with the kids.  The app lets you upload and send voice-recorded wishlists by holding one-on-one conversations “with” Santa.   And the interactive interface is actually quite fun.

4.  Hannukah Gift List:  No tricks or surprises here.  This one is more focused on giving than getting, allowing for budget-making, tracking of gifting statuses, and archiving gifts given in years past.  Sidenote: works for non-Hannukah gifting, too, particularly if you like presents in multiples of 8.

5.  eGifter:  This free app will upload and track all of your Facebook friends and their birthdays, while at holiday time, you can use its access to free or discounted electronic gift cards to fill in the gaps on your gift-giving list.  Sure, they’re a little cheesy, but an e-gift card makes a great digital stocking stuffer, no?