Study Finds Mobile Shopping Works Because It's "Relaxing"

Latitude mobile study

Image courtesy of Latitude.

The moment for consumer skepticism toward mobile commerce seems to be over.  “Surprisingly, we found that many people prefer using their mobile devices for shopping even while at home,” said Neela Sakaria, the Executive Vice President at the research consultancy Latitude, which conducted the survey of 909 smartphone owners, ages 20 to 59, from the U.S. and the U.K.  Interestingly, unless the smartphone owners also had tablets (in which case they preferred to use those), respondents were more likely to shop from their smartphones at home than anywhere else:

  • 77% of those surveyed claimed they shopped from their phones at home on a regular basis, while only 51% claimed to do so “on the go.”
  • Wherever they’re doing it, it almost doesn’t matter, since 81% of smartphone owners agreed with the statement “because I have a mobile device, I am constantly shopping.”
  • Meanwhile, mobile’s influence on physical retail hasn’t waned: 50% of those surveyed said that “a well-executed, location-aware mobile alert” made them more likely to visit the store “soon.”
  • The statistics held up once customers actually got to the retailer, with 60% using their smartphones while doing in-store shopping.
  • And the most important statistic in Latitude’s findings?  That 63% of people expect to be doing even more shopping on their mobile devices over the next couple years.  The moment for brands and retailers to optimize their mobile offerings is definitely now.

After a period of resistance, consumers are embracing mobile because it finally makes them feel empowered.  Two out of five respondents to Latitude’s survey noted that it made them feel more relaxed, as it saved them time, money, or both.  (73% of people agreed with the statement “it saves me time,” while 69% agreed with “I can find the best deals.”)

So, what should retailers do next?  Get on board with the mobile wallet.  The technology that would allow consumers to ditch their credit and debit cards hasn’t quite kept up with the growing popularity of shopping via smartphone. 80% of those surveyed said that they’d be interested in a mobile wallet, which implies two things: 80% of people aren’t actually yet using the technology, but if it only became more ubiquitous, it’d be just as popular as mobile shopping itself.

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