Selfridges Asks Major Brands To Take Off Their Labels

Creme de la Mer

Will the fanciest moisturizer on Earth still work, without a logo?

Would you like Levi’s better without the little red tag?  Is Crème De La Mer in a plain white jar as magically anti-aging as the branded version?  Selfridges is going to find out.  From January 11, the British department store is running a campaign called “No Noise,” intended to help “customers to seek tranquility in a world that bombards us with information.“  They’ve asked a range of brands to take off their tags and logos from their products.

Of course, one can point out that even an anti-branding campaign is branding, in its way.  But we’ve never heard of anyone doing this before, and there’s something refreshing about the idea of wearing universally-known products sans their trademark logos.  It’s an exercise in psychology as much as it’s a way to draw attention to the store and sell product.  Will women embrace fashion and beauty missing its familiar logos?  Will you?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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