New Labelux Online Mag, The LiP, Takes on Nowness

The LiP by Labelux

Come for the photography, stay for the in-depth articles.

The last time the Swiss luxury group Labelux made major headlines was during their acquisition of Jimmy Choo.  Having just launched an editorially independent online magazine, The LiP, or Luxury in Progress, now Labelux is back in the news. The group, which was only founded in 2007, is fairly young in the spread of luxury conglomerates — their new magazine is a smart move toward establishing a relevant, innovative voice in the field.

What’s noteworthy about the magazine is that it stands independently from Labelux’s brands (which include Bally, Belstaff, the aforementioned Jimmy Choo, and more).  Nowness, the unbranded global culture and lifestyle site operated by LVMH, springs to mind as one of the LiP’s few analogs.  And though it does link back to e-commerce, another similar venue is City Unlisted, the more regionally focused but equally aesthetic — and independent — content site run by Gilt City.

The LiP covers the broad categories of design, technology, art, culture, and even gaming, with a particular focus on artists and entrepreneurs.  No matter where you stand on the publishing’s-dead-publishing’s-not-dead discussion, sites like Labelux’s new venture are good for the world of editorial in general.  With a beautiful online framework and a compelling range of content, the blog (and they are self-referring to the site as such) is a worthwhile way to get in touch with the global creative process.