Donna Karan Launches Celebrity Dressing App Today

Donna Karan Atelier app

If you’re known for dressing red carpet stars, why not make the (often inscrutable) process into a fun form of media?  Atelier, a new app from Donna Karan, turns the journey of the designer’s dresses, from workshop to movie star, into a treasure hunt, of sorts.

From the inspiration and design process to the global voyage onto an actual person, the Web app visually and interactively traces every aspect of the process.  The dress fittings are kept secret, such that when a look finally makes it onto a celeb, that particular journey ends in a big reveal.  The app is accessible by liking Donna Karan’s page on Facebook, and fans can also get involved over Twitter, with the hashtag #DonnaKaranAtelier.

Okay, now pair this with W‘s Front Row iPhone app for full insider access to multiple sides of fashion.  Hopefully this is the next big trend in industry apps — niche looks at very particular, behind-the-scenes aspects of the business.