Chinese Luxury Consumers Outpace Americans in Eco Purchasing

Sustainability in China

China drew ahead of the U.S. in luxury consumption this year, and now they’re leading where it matters most — sustainability.  At least in terms of attitude, Chinese consumers are beating Americans in their approach to bio-based products.

DuPont surveyed urban Chinese customers to glean their stance on green production. The company found that 70% of consumers were “either very or somewhat confident” that bio-based items were better for the environment.  In contrast, 60% of Americans expressed confidence in this area when surveyed last year.  Meanwhile, 78% of DuPont’s respondents specifically said they would definitely or likely buy biobased fashion, and 77% would do so in the area of personal care products.

What’s particularly interesting is that the luxury consumer is the same as the eco-friendly one — those most familiar with, and interested in, sustainable products were actually the survey’s highest-income respondents.  If the attitude trickles down through socio-economics, it’ll be good news for the global green movement — that’s one huge consumer demographic looking to buy sustainably.