Big Digital Names Opening Real Stores Loved SoHo in 2012

Piperlime in SoHo

With brick-and-mortar retail innovating to keep up with the Web, it only makes sense that e-commerce would open physical doors to stay ahead of their newfound competition.  This year, some online-only purveyors went all in on bona fide flagships, while others took a more tentative approach through temporary spaces.  Either way, 2012 was a year for visiting Web sites in the real world.

A note to other online retailers intending to follow the example — if you’re going to open a store, SoHo seems to be the place.  To begin life in the real world, almost all of these retailers headed to that Manhattan neighborhood first.

Piperlime:  The online multi-brand behemoth owned by Gap Inc. opened its first door this year, in SoHo.  While others on this list are dipping a toe into retail first, with pop-ups or physical partnerships, Piperlime stands out for going all-in on a New York flagship as its first brick-and-mortar presence.

Warby Parker:  The physical trend extended to progressive start-ups, which at least started life predicated on existing online only.  The affordable glasses mainstay signed a lease in SoHo this year for an upcoming real world flagship outpost.

Bonobos:  Like Warby Parker, the previously online-only men’s brand is giving real retail a go, with six new stores around the country.  They’re taking a different tack than the others on this list, however, linking their new physical retail to their online distribution — while customers try on in-store, their correct sizes are sent to them later from the same distribution centers serving the brand’s e-commerce.

eBay:  eBay entered retail gently this year, through a partnership with stores like Macy’s and Target.  A mobile app the company’s creating will allow them to work with physical retailers to help consumers navigate stores and find deals.

Etsy:  Like eBay, Etsy is starting small.  The online clearinghouse for any and every independent artist and designer hosted a holiday pop-up shop in, where else, SoHo. For a personality-driven site like Etsy, the retail outpost made particular sense, since the creators themselves were on hand to meet their customers.

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  1. Anan

    What a great idea! I would probably think I were being prekand if anyone did something like that. Can you imagine? I would look side-to-side to see who was doing it. Random Acts of Kindness make my day….I had a $10 off of a $100 purchase at Target coupon that expired that same day that I couldn’t use (my total was only $40) and gave it to a mom with a few screaming, wild kids. She was so shocked! I wasn’t really out any money, so it felt like a *cheat* but I could tell she needed that smile. Hopefully, she took the $10 she saved and bought herself a bottle of wine. :)


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