Unique Holiday Gifts, Hand Picked By Uncovet's Heather Lipner

Dirty Harry messenger bag

Heather Lipner, the founder of Uncovet, has worked in tech and design her entire career (throwback alert: she was the Creative Director at MySpace) but, she points out, “fashion and interior design are my interests — I was drawn to making the way we shop more enjoyable and efficient with intelligent curation.”  Now, in tandem with a full design team at Uncovet, she works to continually unearth a range of unusual and hard-to-find clothing, accessories, and home goods.

Sounds particularly useful around the holidays, right?  So today, in honor of Black Friday, we invite you to sidestep the mall madness and go straight to a highly curated corner of the Web for all your gifting needs.  We sat down with Lipner, who pulled her top 5 picks for all the recipients on your list — and don’t worry, some are even marked down.

1.  Dirty Harry leather bag:  This vintage-inspired messenger bag doubles as a tote, is made from ecologically sourced leather, and it’s marked down from $285 to $199.

2.  Skull shot glass set:  A pair of these ($30) would have made a corny gift around Halloween, and a really weird one at Thanksgiving dinner, but they’re a fun — and useful! — present at the holidays.  As a bonus, they’re made from hand-blown glass.

3.  Leather panel legging:  These are just awesome, aren’t they?  And the front panel is made from recycled leather ($113 from $125).

4.  Wenge wooden book rack:  This unusual shelf makes a great hostess gift ($147 from $210).  Or just use those hooks for lightweight jackets!

5.  Anatomical t-rex puzzle:  Don’t forget the kiddies.  Take some of the pain out of their receiving an educational gift by at least having it feature a 3D dinosaur ($99).  And it’s only 39 pieces — your niece/nephew/child probably won’t end up resenting you for this one.

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