Prada Debuts Hollywood-Ready iPad App

Prada Il Palazzo iPad app

You still can’t buy Prada (clothing) online, and probably never will, but the Italian luxury house will entertain you in the digital sphere.  They just released their first iPad app, developed by the Los Angeles-based visual effects specialist James Lima.  It features a product- and art-filled palazzo, and is fittingly titled “Il Palazzo.”

In line with Prada’s policy to only make its accessories available online (and no apparel), the virtual palazzo is a stage for various men’s and women’s goods, starting with sunglasses.  The app also shows digital renderings of work by the illustrator Richard Haines, who was recently commissioned to create a limited edition art tome for Prada, featuring drawings of the label’s Fall 2012 menswear.

This is the second Italian luxury house in very recent history to release an app focused more on art than on selling anything.  The just-released Italian Portraits app from Tod’s only shows, well, portraits.  Which Italian label would you like to see digital, interactive app-form art from next?

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