Marc Jacobs Redesigns Site As It Becomes Biggest Retail Channel

Marc Jacobs site

Where Marc Jacobs goes, the fashion pack follows.  As he unveils a totally reworked site tomorrow, it’s relevant to take note of key features.  This is where luxury online retail should — and probably will — be headed.

While the aim behind the redesign is to streamline the e-commerce and clearly delineate between the designer’s different lines, many of the new features are social.  Some are more or less de rigueur online now, like being able to comment on and review products, and share them via Facebook and Twitter.  Other aspects are more unusual.  The site will contain a Twitter widget so browsers can tweet without leaving To keep the site friendly and the brand transparent, an archives section contains past lookbooks, runway shows, and styling from the label’s staff.

The two most important new features are probably the most basic — a slew of new countries will be added (and you can pay via PayPal), such that the Web site becomes Marc Jacob’s biggest retail channel.  And of course, an improved, separate mobile component will accompany the desktop relaunch.  While online retail bells and whistles have been much lauded, recent research shows that brands who do well online are focused on becoming e-commerce powerhouses, first and foremost.  Jacobs, and his business partner Robert Duffy, always seem to be a step ahead in fashion.  Now they’re pulling ahead in the business of selling online, too.

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