Indoor Google Maps to Help You Navigate the Mall

Google Indoor Maps

Google’s Indoor Maps won’t let you get lost at the mall again.

Do malls stress you out more than navigating a foreign neighborhood?  If so, take a look at Google’s recently launched, rapidly expanding Indoor Maps.  Just in time for holiday shopping, download the program to find floor plans, ATMs, and the like, throughout various department stores, your local mall, and major airports.

So far, this kind of indoor mapping has been launched as a customer service option by stores themselves. (Harrods was noteworthy for launching in-store GPS as a part of its mobile app over a year ago.)  Now Google is co-opting it into a one-stop-shop, including behemoths like the Mall of America, but plenty of smaller venues, too.  Of course, thanks to the Apple-Google feud, the maps are only available on Android platform phones.

The best thing about the Indoor Maps is that they’re in no way limited just to the U.S.  (Because you know, we can read signs and follow directions in our native language.)  Check out the full, international list of maps here.  You might not want a floorplan to navigate your holiday shopping, but we will take full advantage of the feature on our next getaway out of the country.