From Paris to Turkey, Online Retail is A DJ Now

OC mixtape series

If stores are struggling to keep up with e-commerce, and e-commerce is in constant competition with itself, what’s the best new way to keep online browsers entertained? The focus on retail-turned-editorial has had its moment.  Take a look now at who’s setting us up with the best playlists.  From around the globe, these five stores give good jams:

1. Colette:  The Parisian concept store is good at everything genuinely cool, so put their online in-house soundtrack on your list as an alternative to listening to Pandora ads.  The ongoing playlist tends toward the dance-able, but just keep the sound low when you click over — it sits on the homepage.

2. Midnight Express:  Midnight Express is like the super stylish Turkish answer to Colette.  The high-minded shop, which has a few outposts in Istanbul and one in Alacati, also plays a pretty good mix on its homepage, albeit with more recognizable, American hits than Colette.

3. Opening Ceremony:  OC’s Mixtape Series — they’re currently up to their 30th one — is a good way to hear new stuff.  They hit up designers and DJs alike to put together each installment.  The format’s also a little more manageable (and a lot wider-ranging) than what’s offered by the stores doing homepage soundtracks.

4. Intermix:  The New York based-retailer offers seasonal playlists (which are usually either on Spotify or can be downloaded directly, for free) on their blog.  Check out Fall 2012 here and Memorial Day here.

5. Burberry:  Burberry (proven music lovers) provides a nice, low-key counterpoint to some of the others on this list.  For a series aptly entitled “Acoustic,” the British label invited a number of young bands to introduce themselves and play unplugged versions of their songs, which they posted en masse online.  Bonus: everyone looks great, and they’re all featured in various pretty, bucolic environments (think a grand piano positioned under a willow tree).