For Brands, A Better Facebook Than Facebook?

Amazon Pages

With features seriously reminiscent of Facebook, Amazon just launched Pages, which allows brands to create “” URLs complete with a header photo, newsfeed, and shoppable product galleries.  Sounds just like the social network!

The pages don’t necessarily have to be commercially driven, as labels can choose the ratio of products to posts that they include.  In fact, a totally separate Posts feature lets brands update their Amazon and Facebook pages simultaneously.  Meanwhile, Amazon’s own Analytics component provides data on how those updates are doing, and what kind of reach the brands’ pages have with consumers.

What we wonder is how the new Pages feature will influence Amazon’s relationship to luxury brands.  The online behemoth is making a blatant push into fashion, but labels have been less than receptive thus far.  Better enabled to control their own image on the site, will brands ease their resistance to Amazon?

Amazon’s Pages might also have an advantage now that Facebook commerce hasn’t proved a raging success.   Luxury brands are all over the social network, but without a successful selling component.  Meanwhile, everything and anything is sold via Amazon, but heretofore without much enthusiasm from the luxury sector.  By giving brands more control and a social component, maybe Amazon is on the right track.