One Australian Company Can Keep Physical Retail Competitive

Wantitnow Australia

Australian retailers are ahead of the game — Sydney’s runway-to-delivery turnaround beats New York’s by a mile, and even the country’s grocery stores are offering convenient new ways to shop.  Now local boutiques are banding together to change the way they do business, in order to stave off international competition.

An aptly named new site, Wantitnow, brings together around 70 Australian retailers (both on and offline) to offer same-day courier services or online ordering combined with in-store pick-up.    The site offers a mobile app with a countdown clock to display when a delivery will arrive.  The company currently operates out of Sydney and Melbourne, and will add more Australian cities soon.

The delivery collective combines online retail convenience with the flexibility of physical retail for something that’s genuinely appealing for consumers.  We said it before and we’re probably not done yet — as Amazon goes, so goes everyone else.  The same-day model plays into consumer hedonism, but it’s also just good service — and a harbinger of where (successful) retail is heading overall.

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