NYU Research Confirms: It’s All About E-Commerce & Mobile


As usual, Burberry’s online presence is hard to beat.

Social media tricks?  So last year.  The New York University think tank L2, which publishes a yearly “Digital IQ Index” for fashion brands, has concluded that the healthiest companies are those focused on e-commerce and mobile.  This backs up other recent theories that more or less say the same thing — mobile is increasingly prevalent, it should be presented as similarly as possible to its parent site, and when it comes to overall digital robustness, it’s all about making sales.

Some of L2′s conclusions come as no surprise.  The leader in online competence is Burberry (what’s new!).  The British brand is followed by Ralph Lauren, kate spade new york, and Tory Burch.  Now here’s why those companies are leading online, according to L2 — they’ve all carved out a strong, growing e-commerce presence that represents substantial sales, both for the brand itself and relative to comparative online retailers.

That’s not to say that the most successful brands online are shutting down their Facebook accounts.  Rather, the focus on actual e-commerce has merely been reinvigorated, particularly with price-slashing behemoths like Amazon hovering nearby.  Retailers have been forced to innovate in the digital sphere, but those doing it competently are really benefiting their audience.  In turn, shoppers like seeking out and subsequently shopping the virtual version of their favorite labels.   The people demand brand experience!  Why not give it to them?

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