Garance Dore to Turn Blogging Into Honest Living

Garance Dore illustration

The illustration is pretty and the advice is pithy.

Okay, we kid with that headline, but with all the flap around bloggers’ ways to make money, Garance Doré’s recently announced plan is refreshing.  The street style photographer/illustrator/one-half of blogger power couple with Scott Schuman is going to be selling her drawings.

The illustrations accompany Doré’s fashion photography, and as is often the case with hand drawn street style, they’re original and awesome.  There’s no date set yet for their commercial availability, but with prices starting around $35, they’ll probably make great holiday gifts, provided they’re in production soon.

Take note, fashion bloggers. Marketing your original art is a better way to “cash in” on online popularity than, say, charging for appearances – and we particularly appreciate Doré’s venture.  It’s better in keeping with the original, outside-the-system spirit of fashion blogging.